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Latino Fan Club: A Pioneering Force for Diversity in the Gay Adult Industry

Latino Fan Club: A Pioneering Force for Diversity in the Gay Adult Industry


     The Latino Fan Club holds a significant place in the history of the gay adult film industry. With its unique approach, the company has not only provided a platform for Latino and Black performers but has also played a crucial role in shaping the industry's diversity and inclusivity. I reached out to the director of these iconic films and am honored to have been given the opportunity to offer their works in the Eros in Color Shop. In this post, I'll briefly discuss the history, relevancy, and impact the Latino Fan Club has had on the adult film industry. 

Model Tiger Tyson on Latino Fan Club 2007 Calendar

     In 1985, the shelves of adult video stores were lined with a homogenous representation of queer sexuality - offering only slight variations between shaggy-haired thinks, kinky leather daddies, and buffed-out jocks. The standard behind "All-American" conventional beauty was the circumcised Caucasian male. Like many others Brian Brennan, a graphic artist living in New York City, saw so much more diversity and sensuality. He began creating erotica that was centered on the sensual beauty of men of color, particularly those of Puerto Rican or Dominican descent.

At the time, superstar performers like Jeff Stryker were blazing the trail for the gay-for-pay genre. Latino Fan Club took the opportunity to ride that wave by producing content featuring straight-identifying men exploring casual sexual encounters together (a.k.a. cruising.) By catering to an audience that was hungry for diverse content, the Latino Fan Club crossed into uncharted territory. Their portrayal of a more diverse cast exploring their sexuality challenged the status quo and quickly gained the Latino Fan Club's great popularity. The company's films featured Latino men in leading roles, breaking away from the prevalent stereotypes often associated with them in mainstream media.

Latino Fan Club film "Machismo - and How to Get it!!" VHS (2000)

     The Latino Fan Club's focus on embracing cultural identity was a key aspect that set it apart. The films often incorporated elements of Latino culture (such as music, language, and traditions), providing a more nuanced representation of the community. Rather than the usual straight-to-the-action hardcore sex scenes, Brian's works allow the viewer to peek into a day in the life of the sexy homeboy down the hall. Where, seemingly, sexual situations happen to turn up naturally. The gritty urban settings, naturally fit bodies, and raw amateur style gave the work a sense of (believable)relatable honesty that stood out from the polished idealism of popular studio films. In a 2014 interview with "The Sword," Brian is quoted saying:     

     "In those days, if you were going to go into business making porn, what you did was you got the best equipment, a three-quarter-inch tape camera. I didn’t have the money to do it. I just used consumer VHS, but it worked because I was tapping into a market that had never been served and because I was working at Blueboy magazine. I took my first photoshoot there, and when I gave them the photos I said, “Instead of being paid extra for the photos, how about giving me an ad space?” That’s how I started the Latino Fan Club – by mail order, which was terrific because I had advertising that didn’t cost anything, and it’s great to find money in your mailbox. My customers were so happy to see the type of guys who turned them on, that they forgave that it wasn’t so polished. Maybe the image wasn’t so sharp, but they didn’t care." 

Latino Fan Club Advertisement - "The Village Voice" (1994)

     The impact of the Latino Fan Club's homemade realism and pre-internet, entrepreneurial approach to the adult industry cannot be overstated. In addition, by introducing a new wave of Latino performers, the company expanded the industry's diversity and challenged the dominance of mainstream studios. Their success paved the way for other niche studios to emerge, further diversifying the adult film landscape. 

     Although the Latino Fan Club is no longer active, its legacy lives on. The imprint it has made remains relevant, as the industry continues to strive for inclusivity in its performers and diversity in the gaze of the audience. Latino Fan Club's work was the trailblazer for the MOC focused studios and solo creators of color that we enjoy today. 

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